The Placid is for the goalie who wants superior carbon fiber and Kevlar protection with an open feel. This mask features larger ridges with softer contouring. It has a shorter jawline and a chin drop with partial flare for good head rotation. Its Calgary flank cut gives better floater clearance. This mask has ample room for padding.


1980 Olympics, Lake Placid, NY, USA

Elite Masks are made to order. Production lead time is 8 weeks.

Placid Elite Composite Goalie Mask

SKU: M1010
Cage Style
Cage Finish
Shell Size
  • Shell: Hand-laid carbon fiber, Kevlar and high-impact epoxy resin

    Mask Finish: 2K industrial polyurethane

    Cage: Premium TIG welded, heavy-duty stainless steel, industrial grade finish of your choice

    Pads: Plush dual-density EVA foam for comfort and impact protection

    Harness: Heavy-duty 1” woven elastic bands

    Chin: Partial flare

    Window: 4.25"

    Chin Drop: 3.5"

    Hardware: Stainless steel snaps, screws and posts

    Weight: 2.81 lbs

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