Based on the Cooper HM30 Single Bar, our version flattened and widened the single bar while keeping the cateye design. This change was sought by goalies playing today. In addition to these modifications, we use stronger materials and advanced construction techniques to improve durability.


We build all our cages using high-quality, industrial strength stainless steel. Each joint is TIG welded with premium filler wire to ensure a uniform cross section throughout the weld. To further improve tensile strength and structural stability, we apply our own proprietary process. You won't find a stronger, more reliable cage on the market. Order yours today!


Available in different finishes. Shown here in brushed steel. Chin pad included.


Cages are made to order. Production lead time is 3-4 weeks. 

Cooper HM30 Flat Bar

SKU: GC3003
Cage Finish
  • Material: Stainless steel (other exotic alloys available upon request for additional cost)

    Joints: TIG welded

    Finish: Industrial-grade white powder coat or electropolish (additional powder coat available upon request for additional cost)

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