Our Game Ready Custom Vintage Goalie Masks are made for just for you. If you have a favorite design or want to celebrate a hockey hero or team, contact us. We can build it.


We start by taking a full cast of your head and face. Once we have your cast, we add clay to sculpt and shape the basic form. Next, we use composite fabrics—one layer at a time— to blend the clay into a sweeping sculpture. We reinforce high-impact areas with additional layers and special materials. After that, we map the vent holes, cut the shape, then drill and sand the shell. We offer a new or game-worn finish. You choose a regular or vintage-style strap kit. 


Contact us today to get started! 


Our Game Ready Custom Vintage Goalie Masks are made to order in our Minnesota shop. Design and production lead time for all custom masks is 8 weeks. Certain factors, such as materials availability, complexity of design and our shop schedule, may increase production time. 



Game Ready Custom Vintage Goalie Masks

SKU: VM1001
Strap Kit
  • Shell: Hand-laid carbon fiber, Kevlar and high-impact epoxy resin

    Mask Finish: 2K industrial polyurethane

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